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Frequently Asked Questions

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I just work with “vision” – why multiple I/O?

If you are: working directly in an “AI lab”, an AI innovator, an integrator, or simply interested in the long future of Edge AI…Here at EDT, we contend the current dominance of “Vision” AI will demand fusion with additional sensor intelligence: RF signals recognition, mass IoT sensor ingest, LIDAR point clouds, not to mention other coming data standards. All these data types are most potent when combined at the point of value (close to the event-horizon where action matters most). EDT is uniquely enabling the path to dynamic data inference at the Edge. We hope to hear from you.

Regarding a “Vision only” scope…there are many vision data standards in the broader vision market. Along with MIPI, USB3, USB2, and 1 GBE vision connections on the edgepoint.AI you can also leverage the EDT VisionLink F4 (a Camera Link standard frame-grabber). Camera Link represents a large installed base of existing systems for industrial vision. If you have deployed or are working with Camera Link infrastructure and want to leverage AI at the edge, then edgepoint.AI is an outstanding fit. if you are offering “Vision” model-building services in the Industrial vertical you will likely find substantial investment in Camera Link waiting for functional Edge AI models to enhance and extend that return on that investment.

Do you have a smaller version of edgepoint.AI?

Well, we can! We have a history building small form factor leading edge electronics and performing derivative redesign. We have designed the edgepoint.AI board to offer a host of interface options in a compact package with the goal of streamlining the customer development process among multiple interfaces into a single flow that can be deployed as-is OR work with us to scale down into a much smaller package limited to specific interfaces and features needed.

I have a data standard / use-case not represented…can you help?

Maybe! If our solution breadth does not cover your needs today, we want to hear from you and discuss what you are trying to solve. Our approach is designed to address changing and un-met needs. Let’s start talking!

I need an enclosure, what are your options?

Don’t let an enclosure keep you from innovating. Reach out so we understand your needs in terms enclosure specifications and deployment plans–and we can walk-thru the options.